B.Ed or Bachelor of Education

B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is the mandatory course which candidates need to puruse in order to become a professional teacher in India. B.Ed syllabus imparts the necessary information which is required by a good teacher when they interact with students.

B.Ed Course Syllabus

After clearing the exam, candidates go through a rigorous course curriculum which instills in them the spirit of teaching. The syllabus ranges from the methods of teaching and inculcating good culture in students to understanding the latest tech advancements in the field and implementing them.

  • The course curriculum is mainly divided into Core Courses, Pedagogy Courses, and other topics which work towards increasing a teacher’s involvement in the field.
  • NCERT has formaulated B.Ed syllabus to boost quality teacher education in India. This syllabus is divided into 3 sections: Perspectives in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies, and Engagement with the field.

B.Ed Syllabus & Subjects

First Year
Core Courses Methodology Courses Practical Courses
Childhood and Growing Up Pedagogy of Science Workshop Based Activities
Contemporary India and Education Pedagogy of Social Science Reading and Reflecting on the Texts
Learning and Teaching Pedagogy of Mathematics Application of ICT
Language Across the Curriculum Pedagogy of English Internship 1
Understanding Disciplines and Subjects Pedagogy of Hindi
Second Year
Core Courses Optional Courses Practical Courses
Knowledge and Curriculum Open and Distance Education Workshop Based Activities
Assessment for Learning Guidance and Counselling Drama and Art in Education
Creating an Inclusive School Adolescence and Family Education Understanding the Self and Yoga
Gender, School and Society Vocational Education Internship 2
Information and Communication Technology